Household: Dress your table with the most beautiful and delicate pieces

Household: Dress your table with the most beautiful and delicate pieces

Crockery, cutlery and accessories to set the table and show off your best recipes.

Advertising - Keep reading below A perfect start

There is nothing like a good breakfast to start the day and a kitchenware to accompany it. Egg-cup, 5,90 €; plate, 16 €; napkin, 5,90 €, from Greengate.

A very marine snack

You will surprise your friends with this set of 6 sardine-shaped forks. For sale in Balvi, 15,55 €.


Straight to the table

A convenient way to serve food: bamboo handle plate, 9 €, by Salvador Bachelor.

Pure simplicity

ANDs the one with the dishes Cascais, of green earthenware, of House. Dishes, from 2,99 € / cu, and cup, 2,99 .

Floral airs

Give a touch of fresh air to your table with this tray of flowers, 9,95 €, in A Loja do Gato Preto.

Natural infusion

Porcelain teapot, Greenery model, 17,95 €, in A Loja do Gato Preto.

Discreet and elegant

Stainless steel cutlery, 19,99 € / 4 units, from La Redoute Interieurs.

A super warm table

Flower tablecloth, 49,95 €; porcelain plates with golden edge, from 3,95 €; bird-shaped napkin ring, 9,95 € / 2 units, and glass, 6,95 €. Everything in El Corte Inglés.

A groundbreaking mix

Crockery Vardagen, with dishes of different sizes, 2 € / cu; gray and pink crystal glasses, 2 € / cu, and wine glasses, 2 € / cu. Everything is from Ikea.

Black or gold?

Keep the wine bottles with these funny dog ​​head caps, 16,50 € / cu, of + D2.

What a couple

Blue salt and pepper shaker in the shape of a fish, 5,10 € / couple, for sale at

A flamenco touch

Polka dot plate with geometric pattern, 16 € / cu, from Greengate. Put the red in your life!

Some cans with handle

Metallic glass cups. A different way to drink coffee, 3,35 € / cu, from Luminarc, in Donurmy.

A winning couple

The natural wood of the table, together with these dishes decorated in blue, is a guarantee of success. 18-piece dinnerware, Opal Adonie Blue, 21,25 €, from Arcopal in Donurmy.