How to take advantage of corners in small houses

How to take advantage of corners in small houses

Spain Advertising - Read on below 1 Two sinks Spain

The corner organization has allowed to put two sinks. In between, triangular shelves centralize storage.

1 Corner skirts. In the shower, in the sink area… Any place is suitable for locating them. Your big advantage? They occupy little and allow to save a lot. Perfect, right?
2 Custom furniture. Either a under-washbasin closet or a simple flown countertop, this ensures that the meters are taken full advantage.
3 Illuminated mirror. Having good light helps achieve the desired effect. If it is embedded, it will lighten the space even more.

2 A closet with shutter Spain

This is a good option if what you are looking for is not to overwhelm the space. Instead of a corner piece of furniture, it was placed, which also offers a large storage space and also matches the furnace column and contrasts with the rest of the furniture.

3 Save the food cans Spain

In this small corner a shelf has been attached to store the boats.

4 Centered cooking zone Spain

In this case, the corner was the ideal place to place a large plate, since it had greater depth. It was accompanied by a decorative bell whose shape adapts very well to the space. Of the most ingenious.

5 Custom countertop Spain

It has designed a countertop with curved shapes that fits the corner.

6 Get more breadth Spain

When the meters are numbered, as was the case in this bathroom, the mirrors are very useful. Here, when placed on both sides, the feeling of amplitude multiplies. To take better advantage of the space, the shelves have been put on top.

7 A closet with shutter Spain

With this system the opening is not interfered with by the adjoining furniture.

8 Camouflaged column Spain

In this kitchen there was a loading pillar in one of the corners that could not be removed. To solve the problem, it was covered with a closet front and then a low cabinet with a countertop and a display cabinet was placed on the top.

9 Corner Dining Spain

To clear the way, this dining room has been located on the corner with a work bench.

1 High cabinets, with reservations. Avoid them in the work area and you will enhance the feeling of spaciousness or, in any case, replace them with showcases, much lighter.
2 Extensible tables. There are many models to choose from, but all equally versatile: folding book type, with one or two wings ...
3For fast food, nothing better than a bar. It barely occupies space and can be adjusted to any corner of the house, however small.

10 About the radiator Spain

This table, made to measure in the passage area, gives more room to the room and takes advantage of the radiator space.

11 Study corner Spain

Located next to the window to enjoy natural light, it has been mounted facing the wall to avoid reflections, with a practical corner table, a chest of drawers with wheels and, on the other side, a bookcase. The lift chair is from Ikea.

12 Successful L-shaped distribution Spain

When the walls are long enough, placing the beds at an angle is an ideal solution for a shared bedroom. That is what Pia Capdevila did here, who designed these models in white lacquered DM and thus arranged them to have a large playground and a study area.

13 Protected wall Spain

The lower area of ​​the wall has been protected with a DM socket, and the upper one, with a striped paper to give a sense of height.

14 Storage chest, which serves as a bedside table. Spain

1 Facing the wall. It is not a punishment, but the optimal way to place the study table, to occupy the least possible place. Keep that in mind.
2Furniture with chest. They are very useful because they can be used to store toys and also as seats (with some cushions) or as a table or table.
3 Hanging shelves. They allow free the lower half of the wall to put other things: the bed, a desk, a table with several chairs ...

15 Removable drawer Spain

Attached to the wall, this furniture with a large drawer leaves room to play.

16 Corner cabinets Spain

The placement of the cabinets in "L", of My Dear Furniture, creates a small distributor that gives privacy to the rest area.

17 Sliding door Spain

The cabinets, with sliding doors, have not stuck to the wall to be able to access from the front and the back.

1 Built-in wardrobes. They are a safe trick because they produce amplitude effect. The sliding doors also help to gain space.
2 Auxiliary furniture. Always avoid them, as they hinder the passage. If the wall has a setback, take advantage of it to make a work headboard that will serve as a bedside table.
3Beds with storage. You can choose between models with drawers, canapés with opening in chest ... You will see what fits!

18 Seize the corner Spain

The chimney has been installed in a corner to see the fire from different angles.

19 A mini dressing Spain

If you do not have much space to put closets, take advantage of any corner of the room to mount a small dressing room. Install several shelves and attach a hanging bar, as well as baskets to store clothes. Everything in Ikea.

20 Bounded Environments Spain

Thanks to the "U" placement of the sofa in Ikea, two zones have been created: the living room and a reading area with two bookstores, in Yesterday's Crafts, located on both sides of the window.

21 Corner Spain

A floor-to-ceiling work shelf allows you to take full advantage of the corner.

22 Furniture designed to the millimeter Spain

The CYC Construcciones study resolved the irregularity of the plant with a corner sofa with Gancedo seats, whose base is a chest that serves as a warehouse.
Next to it was a triangular cupboard adapted to the shape of the wall and, in the background, a Pladur bookstore.

23 Furniture that separates environments Spain

1 With little background. If you choose furniture with a maximum depth of 30 cm and at medium height, you can place them on the back of the sofa, to be able to separate environments.
2 Space between pillars. You can use it to make a workbench or a library for CD's.
3 Crystals instead of partitions. Without a doubt, it is an ideal alternative to separate environments without losing amplitude and, most importantly, without losing any light. Take note. This furniture, with shelves and cabinets, makes the living room independent and serves to store.