Plants and Christmas: Poinsettias and much more

Plants and Christmas: Poinsettias and much more

Nougat, gifts, reunions, nativity scenes, grapes ... Christmas is full of traditions and decorate the house with a look Christmas is one of them.

If there is a plant that is an image of the Christmas is the poinsettia poinsettia, With fir's permission. The red ones are the best known, but we can also find them in other shades: pink, white, yellow and marbled, as in this Stars for Europe proposal.

What other plants can help you to give a Christmas air in other corners of the house? The nandina or sacred bamboo, the Christmas cactus, the winter rose or hellebore, mistletoe and holly. And, also, fir branches, pine, ivy even heather or a bunch of red berries.


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Can you do centers of table, placing some plants inside a rectangular or circular container. Put a bed of perlite for drainage and fill the gaps with some branches of arizónica or eucalyptus. Ambiente, from Starts for Europe.

A corner of color and joy

Get the most out of the Flower Easter and fill the house with simple floral arrangements. Play with the pots Change the original pots for others of different sizes and textures. Use jute, burlap or wool fabrics in green and red tones to decorate the containers.

Natural Christmas fir

To keep it year after year, you must make sure, when you buy it, that it is rooted in its container.

Interior. Keep it away from direct heat sources: radiators, stoves or fireplaces. Find the coolest and most ventilated place in the house, if possible, near the windows. Water every 2 or 3 days with plenty of water, so that it reaches the roots. Do it in two batches and spray the branches to keep moisture.

Exterior. After the holidays, the most important thing is to find a place outdoors. If you are going to transplant it in the garden, do it in a sunny place. Dig a hole 0.5 to 1 meter wide and 0.50 to 0.70 meters deep. Put gravel and water and mix the soil we have extracted with universal substrate. Remove the root ball, put it in the hole and fill with the enriched soil.

DIY crowns

Be very careful when placing Christmas decorations. Excess can damage the branches. If you are going to light it, use LED lights.

A tree for small spaces IKEA

If you were looking for a natural and small tree for this Christmas, you have already found it!

Is named Picea Glauca Conica, It is slow growing and, due to its conical natural bearing, it is very attractive. In addition, it is ideal for homes with children because it has no spikes or berries.

Buy € 9 with pot

It measures 50 cm and is sold in Ikea.

How are you going to decorate it?


Poinsettias, crowns, bouquets, garlands and centers are unique to create a special climate. Reserve an afternoon to leave for florists; there you will find inspiration and discover trends and novelties, because creativity in floral design is triggered in these dates.


Other plans for #flowerfans: sign up for the workshops that many florists will organize in the coming weeks - that of Savia Bruta, Christmas of the 80s, is December 10 - and discover the treasures of Christmas pop-ups, such as Sally Hambleton's, from the 21st of November. Both in Madrid. Search your city, surely you have one nearby!

Flowers at the entrance door Marina Cabero

The varieties of this crown may seem artificial, but no. It is a design made with preserved natural flowers, which do not wilt or need water or light. Do not confuse them with dried flowers.

Preserved flowers undergo a treatment to dehydrate them, maintain their original beauty, fresh appearance and can last for years. It should be placed in a warm place, without direct light or drafts or excessive heat.

Frame Alborg, of Flowers on the Swing (from € 65 to € 75).

Beautify the entrance

Line some racks with wallpaper. You just have to apply adhesive on the wood, support the paper gently, making sure there are no wrinkles, and staple the back. You will have your private garden in the easiest and most economical way. The role of the image is the mod. Hummingbird TNT, of The English Court.

And the receiver you have it ready for Christmas

The art of giving

Carefully take care of the presentation, since the image is very important. A simple detail is enhanced by a beautiful wrapper, adorned with taste and elegance.

Tips and ideas for wrapping Christmas presents

If you are not very handyman, you can always turn to paper bags or decorated boxes. These are from Greengate.

Gifts for #FlowerLovers Kitsch kitchen

With or without flowers, these vases are the focal point of the decoration. Is it because of its colors and originality, or because of its look?

Buy it here

€ 34.95 each

The talent of the Swedish illustrator Ingela P. Arrhenius is confirmed again in these interesting designs for the firm Kitsch Kitchen.

Read and share your photo Blume

Morgan and Erin are not botanists, but two friends with a passion for plants that took them one day to create the community online House Plant Club.

Now, they have written the book together Manicured plants, happy plants, with advice for cultivation, transplantation ...

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