A mini house among the trees

A mini house among the trees

Asier Rúa and Nerea del Teso

The sustainable architecture studio Batlló Concept "gives" us this privileged location house. The dream begins with a plot of land, between trees, and the need to make a house that respects the environment, does not exceed 60,000 euros in budget and is realized in a short time (no more than half a year).

The terrain, elongated and sloping, marks the rectangular shape of the house floor. The dark facade is camouflaged in the landscape. The house has a cantilever walkway that connects the east to the west.

Inside the windows intend to introduce nature into the interior of the house and also that natural light floods everything. Kitchen, living room and work area share space in the day area. A partition separates the bedroom, through which the dressing room and bathroom are also accessed.

Design and executive direction: Naiara Rodríguez, founder and creative director of the study of sustainable architecture, interior design and decoration Batlló Concept.
Photos: Asier Rúa and Nerea del Teso

Batlló Concept is a young and creative studio that is responsible for interior design, sustainable architecture, comprehensive renovations, styling and decorating homes, restaurants and commercial premises. He carries out the project, but he is also in charge of searching, designing and creating unique pieces so that each home is unique. Batlló Concept is also a brand of design and production of handmade furniture and custom made in a workshop in San Sebastian.

Advertising - Continue reading below The exterior facade of the house Asier Rúa and Nerea del Teso

The exterior facade of the house: a house among trees.

43 square meters solved on one level in this rectangular house that articulates the spaces by integrating them. Only the bedroom is separated with a partition.

A walkway around the house Asier Rúa and Nerea del Teso

The walkway connects the east of the house with the west, in contact with nature.

Open and integrated kitchen Asier Rúa and Nerea del Teso

The kitchen is open and is delimited with a bar that serves as a dining room as well.

A partition in the hall Asier Rúa and Nerea del Teso

A partition defines the kitchen of the hall, granting some privacy also to the rest of the floor. The partition has been painted in slate paint and is used with some vertical storage accessory.

Cooking front Asier Rúa and Nerea del Teso

White predominates in the kitchen, with the warmth of the wooden bar. View of the cooking zone of the kitchen. The furniture is distributed in L and the bar closes the space.

Paved windows and walls Asier Rúa and Nerea del Teso

The interior of the house not only receives the luminosity of the windows but also of the walls of pavements that open on the facade. Here you see the detail in the hall.

The hall

View of the separating partition of the hall and the kitchen.

A single space, a single division

Once inside, the space opens and is decorated as a living area and work corner in the background, just before entering the bedroom.

Living room decoration detail

Detail of the decoration of the room: objects of different styles and different backgrounds.

On a neutral basis, everything fits

A versatile and personal decoration. On a neutral basis everything fits.

Work area in front of the bedroom access

View of the access to the only bedroom of the house, which has an integrated bathroom and dressing room (see the distribution in the plan at the end of the gallery). Next to the desk another pavement partition that lets the light seep inside.

This is how the workspace is organized

Detail of the desk, of current air and with retro winks.

Homemade furniture

View of the entrance to the bedroom. Batlló Concept is responsible for the project of the house but also inside pieces of furniture designed by the studio.

The touch of color

With brushstrokes of color, they lift the whole.

A side table

A very practical side table, designed by Batlló Concept.

How much contrast

Contrast bathroom: black and white.

A house among trees Asier Rúa and Nerea del Teso

The dark facade integrates and "camouflages" the house in nature.

Distribution plan

A communicated day area, a paneled hall and a bedroom with integrated dressing room and bathroom.