A house in perfect balance

A house in perfect balance

Mauricio Fuertes

When the design and interior design studio Egue y Seta undertook the reform of this apartment, located in Barcelona, the essential objective was to optimize the light and the available meters. These two main elements made the architects give priority to the open spaces. For this, it was necessary to demolish several partitions and then project a rational and practical distribution, with a loft aesthetic. The house was organized in a common space for the living room, kitchen and dining room; A bedroom and a bathroom.

During the demolition of partitions they were left Structural elements in sight of concrete, largely responsible for look industrial That dominates the house. In order to enhance industrial aesthetics, microcement was chosen to cover the walls of the entire house and the floor of the common areas. In the kitchen, this versatile material alternated with a hydraulic mosaic of geometric drawings in brown and blue tones that, in addition to configuring a decorative carpet, extended along the wall to visually frame and delimit the work area of ​​the living and dining rooms. In the bedroom and bathroom, the original flooring was replaced by a oak laminate.

Wood is very present in all environments as a resource to counteract the coldness transmitted by concrete and microcement. In addition to being used as a wall covering in the living room and bedroom, most of the furniture is made with oak in a natural finish. The rest of the furniture was chosen in black and blue tones, to break the balance and add focal points in contrast.

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The living area of ​​the living room is one of the environments where the key to decorating this home is best appreciated: the combination
of concrete and oak.

If the first material provides a touch of sobriety, the second, a necessary note of warmth.

Vivonita sofa with chaise-longue and table. Basket, from Sacum. Shelving designed by Egue and Seta.

Rattan armchairs

In the decoration of the room, a balance between cold and warm colors was achieved: the blue and gray tones of furniture and upholstery alternated with orange and yellow details and accessories, as well as green brushstrokes.

The cane pieces, such as the lamp and the two armchairs that close the living room, reinforce the warmth of the environment.

Rattan armchairs, in Cado. Ceiling lamp, from Ikea.

Roller blinds

To sift the light, roller blinds were placed in the living room windows. This system has the advantage that, once collected, the fabric occupies very little space.

Cushions green, Cado and yellow, Materia. Blanket, from Tierra Azul. On the coffee table, vases, Very Very. Carpet, from B&B Italia.

Open spaces Mauricio Fuertes

When the walls were demolished to achieve open spaces, part of the original structure of the house was left bare. The living room, open to the kitchen and dining area, has a more functional and attractive layout.

Mix of finishes

The use of different coverings to cover the floor helps to define the environments; while the microcement, present in all walls, provides visual continuity and creates a global overall effect.

Kitchen furniture, by Gelse. Microcement, from Futurcret.

Structural elements

During the demolition of partitions, concrete structural elements were left in sight, largely responsible for the industrial look that dominates the house.

Chromatic counterpoint

In the dining room a harmonic decoration was achieved by choosing furniture, accessories and hydraulic mosaic in the same tones: light wood and blue. To break that balance and bring visual richness to the set, the chairs were chosen in black.

Table and chairs, from SuperStudio. Stools and lamps, from Ikea. Tablecloth, of Matter.

Green deco

On one of the dining room walls, a garden area with trees and plants was created in a work pot that runs along one of the fronts.

The vegetation, which is present in all the rooms of the house, brings a very special touch to the decoration.

Fans of the hydraulic mosaic!

Join the latest trends that are committed to recovering the beauty of this type of tile, the essence of Catalan modernism. His geometric and colorful drawings are perfect both on floors and walls.

Eco friendly

It is not necessary to have a garden or a terrace to decorate with plants; Any environment in your home will gain freshness, naturalness and positive energy with a green corner.

Matt black kitchen

Do not give up a kitchen in matt black. Combine furniture of this color with steel appliances and pieces of wood. A trio of finishes perfect to achieve a modern, elegant and very chic decoration.


In the bedroom, the irregularity of the wall was reserved to place a large wooden headboard. This, in addition to framing the bed, brings warmth and personality.

Ceiling lamp, from Ikea. Chair, from SuperStudio. Blossom bedside table, by Maisons du Monde. Bedding, Filocolore and Materia.


Aim! Whenever the dimensions of your bedroom allow it, complete the dressing area with a tall and narrow bookcase, in the same material and finish as the doors. You will find it very practical to store all those things that no longer fit inside the closet.


When meters or storage areas are scarce, custom designs are the best solution. In this case, a wall setback was used with a floor-to-ceiling shelf that acts as a bedside table.

Blank and wood

The bathroom was covered with subway tiles, in enameled white, which bring an attractive vintage air to the decoration.

For the rest of the elements, we opted for a modern aesthetic, with a countertop basin of modern design and a wooden piece of furniture and leather handles.

In three zones

The bathroom was organized at different heights by two small steps: the sink area was located on the lowest level; Next, the toilet was installed and next to the window, the work shower. The latter was delimited with a transparent glass screen, which combines a fixed sheet with another sliding.

A functional washbasin

Look for a stylish design, but less space to the countertop. Thus, you will gain freedom of movement and have more support surface for grooming products.