Do you want to know the deco trends that will succeed in 2019?

Do you want to know the deco trends that will succeed in 2019?

Yes, yes ... We already know that 2018 has just started, but trend experts always have an advantage!

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For this reason, the WGSN visionaries have revealed that matte black will become the new color Item inside the houses next year.

"We have already seen the black matte triumphing in the world of fashion and beauty, but next year it will also sweep inside homes," says the WGSN team. "From the houses to the commercial premises, we hope to meet new designs that will bring a stunning feeling. It will be a total change with respect to pink millennial".

Galatea table lamp, € 63 (approx.), My Furniture, www.my-furniture.co.uk
Photo: My Furniture

According to WGSN, thanks to the progress of technology and smart homes, In 2019 we will also know ... multitasking mirrors!

Yes, you read it right… Mirrors will fulfill new functions such as lighting, entertainment or even health trackers.

"Do not be surprised if in 2019 you listen to your mirror telling you that you are low in vitamin D or that you are late for an appointment while brushing your teeth in the morning."

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But also, both at home and in fashion, sustainable fabrics will be another key trend. "We expect a large increase in products made with sustainable alternatives, such as leather without animals from genetically modified yeast, or silk without worms."

Incredible but true! For now, let's enjoy what 2018 has in store for us…

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