15 Rustic and cozy kitchens

15 Rustic and cozy kitchens

You do not have to live in the countryside to enjoy the serenity of rustic environments. These beautiful kitchens are all over the world, but all have in common the wood, the resistant surfaces, and that intimate and cozy style of the meeting spaces.

Advertising - Read on below 1 Antique furniture

This Spanish colonial-style house in Richmond, Virginia was designed by Lili O'Brien and Leigh Anne Muse, and has an old bench as a kitchen island. Great.

2 navy influence

Interior designer Gary McBournie rebuilt this kitchen around the existing Aga cooktop, painted the white cabinets and covered the polyurethane wooden countertops to recreate the atmosphere of a galley on a ship.

3 Bright white

Pale oak floors and solid wood countertops create a cabin atmosphere in this Florida kitchen by designer Tammy Connor. Black handles stand out on white furniture, adding a modern touch.

4 stone walls

The stone of this French-inspired kitchen by designer Inga L. Rehmann captures all the attention, even when faced face-to-face with a 19th-century Spanish easel table with upholstered stools. Awesome.
Photo: Lisa Romerein

5 Storage

In this mountain shelter on Lake Tahoe, interior designer Matt O'Dorisio opted for a sage green paint color to complement the abundance of wood and aged metal lamps.

6 Barn Beams

Interior designer Mick De Giulio transformed this old barn into an impressive kitchen, complete with floors made of reclaimed planks.

7 Open shelving

Open shelves, instead of the upper furniture, give this small cottage kitchen designed by Ken Fulk a greater sense of spaciousness. The shelves and countertops are made of galvanized metal and the furniture is made with old fences.

8 Aged decoration

The kitchen of this house has a comfortably worn look, thanks to designer Chris Barrett. Bianco Strata Nero countertops were chosen to match the old marble sink of Compas Stone.

9 Recovered wood

The kitchen of this hostel in Charleston, USA, has furniture with cypress wood panels rescued during the renovation of the house. Interior designer Cameron Schwabenton chose the lacquer-free brass handles, which ages with time, to add another rustic touch.

Photo: Trevor Tondro

10 Roof Details

The exposed beams and wooden floors in this rustic shelter - by architect James Carter and designer Jane Hawkins Hoke - make the room rustic from top to bottom, literally.
Photo: Annie Schlechter

11 Log columns

Designer Markham Roberts fell in love with the surroundings of this Pacific Northwest house, which includes Madrona tree trunk columns in the kitchen.

12 An outdoor kitchen

The outdoor kitchen at Lulu Powers has built-in shelves, custom-made wood stands and bar furniture so you can prepare an outdoor cocktail at any time. The vines that grow around are only an advantage.

13 Pine Walls

Designer Susan Ferrier enhanced the pine walls in this house in Lake Martin by incorporating even more wood, in the form of a rustic table and chairs. The French doors ensure that the light can shine to keep the space well lit.

14 Blue background

Interior designer Sara Gilbane opted for the usual rustic details, such as wooden furniture and laminated ceiling, in this kitchen, but also opted for an amazing blue background to create a happy and happy atmosphere.

15 Log walls

Interior designer Thom Filicia brought his personality to a classic log house. The open shelves in the kitchen allow the walls to occupy the central place, while the cobalt blue cabinets prevent the room from being too dark and dreary.