An attic in the center of Madrid

An attic in the center of Madrid

A plaque on the facade informs: "Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra lived and died in this building." This detail turns the block into the objective of curious tourists who photograph the entrance. And it was precisely that Cervantine spirit that captivated Julia, the owner of this attic located in the center of Madrid.

This interior architect felt the crush and connection with the floor as soon as she saw it. As passionate about design and creator of the blog Dalalba ( On interior design for personal well-being and interior life, Julia turned this refuge into her world. Painting, rearranging spaces and making the most of each corner, including the loft, were its objectives. On a white base stand out elements in color, which update a traditional architecture with wooden beams. The exotic touch is also felt, with decorative accessories brought from Julia's travels to India, which is fascinated by the world of relaxation and meditation. Everything comes together in this small apartment.

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With lots of light that is reflected in the walls and furniture in white. The first impression of the house is fascinating. Aerial light, exposed wooden beams that create a roof framework, open to the attic and shared spaces. Here, the living room and the dining room.

Open kitchen

The kitchen has been solved in a mini front, next to the dining room. In this view you can see the stairs through which you access the loft, where a very personal work and relaxation area is located.

Style mix

A house of traditional architecture, with exposed wooden beams, mud floors and wooden paneled doors. These architectural elements that add flavor to the construction share prominence with furniture of more current lines. Copy this idea of ​​style: a table with straight lines and retro-design wooden chairs.

Decorative detail

And with references to meditation and relaxation, a world that fascinates Julia, who is a reiki teacher and yoga practitioner. In addition, the decorative power of this composition surprises: candleholder lanterns, flowers and a figure.

Mezzanine well used

The loft has been used as a living and working area. The plus: it has natural light. The low ceiling height has been successfully managed by Julia, who has organized her small office with a low table and several cushions. Next to it, on the wall, some shelves in which folders and papers are organized.

Female details

Next to the desk, some shelves in which Julia has papers, magazines and folders at hand. But do not neglect the decorative details that personalize and give life to a space.

Julia in her office

Here, Julia in her house, in front of the computer. It is easy to surprise her in this corner since from here she works and manages her Web of design

Mezzanine: relaxation area

With views towards the lower floor, where all the spaces of the house are distributed. Next to the work corner, our reader has created a relaxation corner with a mat on the floor, cushions and plants. We love the detail of the butterflies on the wall.

The bedroom

The bed is located in the area where the ceiling loses height. Simplicity is one of its attractions. Thus, it is possible not to saturate a mini space. Here, the color notes of textiles stand out. In the background, a bench just where the roof is lower.

With a single bedside table

Given the dimensions of the bedroom, the bed is attached to the wall on one side and on the other a single side table has been placed as a bedside table.

Pink shades

For this bedroom, pink tones have been chosen, which brighten the predominant white. Here, again, the same functional solution as in the other bedroom: an auxiliary bedside table, with contoured legs and dark wood.

Bedside table detail

Don't let flowers bloom! Those little details put life and charm in an environment.


A bold combination: white and strawberry red. Although small in size, mixing is allowed thanks to the light entering through the overhead window.