How to take advantage of the setbacks in the bathroom

How to take advantage of the setbacks in the bathroom

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Make a recess in the wall to have a niche of work. If you divide it with glass shelves you will multiply the storage space without visually subtracting space. Underneath, a chrome bar towel rail was installed, from El Picaporte.

Over the sink

If you are going to install the sink in a retrofit, take advantage of the wall to place some shelves. In this bathroom, a pillar was used to support two glass shelves, so that they fit perfectly. As you can see, the shelves were fastened to the wall with stops; In addition, since they have the same bottom as the pillar, they are very safe even for glass jars.

Two niches in the bathroom

If you look closely, you will see one on the tub and one on the sink. The niche next to the bathtub was tiled like the rest of the wall, but the one on the sink is a setback of 7 centimeters approx. covered with wood, which is used to frame the mirror and have an extra shelf.

Behind the partition

Take advantage of the gap between the bathtub and the wall to make a work shelf. If the bathroom wall is longer than the bathtub, it is a shame to waste the space between them. The solution that we propose you can see in the photo; It is a question of lifting a work partition that tops the bathtub and making a work shelf between it and the wall that can even be from floor to ceiling. Tiles, Neoceramic.

With door

Any hole in the bathroom can be converted into a storage area. Get more out of a corner with a built-in closet, in cherry wood and with glass door. When you think of one for your bathroom, consider the ease of access to its interior and that the opening of the door does not hinder; Here the closet was placed next to the bidet.