A very natural attic

A very natural attic

"I am a florist by profession and in love with deco"This is how Marisa appears, the reader who opens the doors of her house today where she lives with her partner and her dog." I live in an attic in a town in Valencia near the countryside and the river, a place that I love it because I love nature and tranquility. It is divided into two bathrooms, living room, kitchen, study, dressing room and terrace. "After this description of his home, he explains that he has tried to take advantage of every space of his house and that all rooms are used:" It is a lived house ".

"My house is constantly changing and evolving according to our needs, time of year and tastes. I don't know how to be still," he explains and confesses that he uses decoration as an anti-stress therapy. In order to transform the look From her home every so often, Marisa has chosen to create a canvas in neutral tones that colors with accessories and painting the walls. The plant world is present in every corner of your home, from the bouquets placed in vases and hung on the walls, to the pattern of the cushions, a large format photo of a green path at the entrance or the plants that act as an act of presence in all rooms: "I enjoy the environment they create only with their presence". DIY is another of his passions and he shows it by exhibiting the pieces he has created or intervened as the coffee table in the room or the secretary desk. The result is a fresh home, with life and a look Very natural, full of textures. We can't wait to see the next change ...

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Already from the entrance we see the elements that make up Marisa's house: vegetation, natural materials and charming pieces.


A large format photograph of a path full of vegetation presides over the room.

Good company

Marisa lives in this attic with her partner and her dog. The coffee table is a creation of his.

Constantly changing

Opting for pieces in neutral colors has allowed him to create a base on which to experiment with accessories and with the color of the walls.

Get comfortable

In decoration, both aesthetics and comfort have prevailed.

A table set

Dining room view.

White base

Chairs and white shelves are the perfect base to add colors and textures.

Faithful reader

A secretary cabinet recovered by her.

Ear cooking

In the kitchen, cabinets with wooden front.

White, black and wood Very natural

In the bedroom he has painted the walls in green.

Dressing room corner

With a bench and hanger bar.

Work and pleasure

A corner of study.

A touch up

Dressing area.

All saved

He has taken advantage of every corner of his house.

Bath The second bathroom