The classics never fail, and the kitchens in white color neither

The classics never fail, and the kitchens in white color neither

The white color is usually associated with purity, and it is that kitchens in these tones, in addition to being bright and widening the visual space, aesthetically seem impolute (as long as you keep the cleaning up to date). And as we know you are as crazy as we are, we are going to show you the most beautiful we've seen on Pinterest!

Advertising - Keep reading below A rustic-chic breakfast

An island kitchen and integrated breakfast bar, where wicker chairs are undoubtedly the star piece.

Pinterest: Mili de Olano

Pure elegance

Space is not lacking, and elegance either! White tile walls and wooden floors, a foolproof classic.

Pinterest: Haley V

The beauty of copper

Copper sconces create a charming kitchen, where the wood blends naturally with the rest of the furniture.

Pinterest: Luli Cortes

Studio version

If you live in a studio ... take note! This kitchen has everything: space for cooking, a breakfast bar ... and all this in an environment seasoned by copper and wood.

Pinterest: Live life


A marble background is perfect to generate contrast and have a sophisticated kitchen.

Pinterest: Belén Cru

Small and pretty

Small kitchens can also be beautiful. Here, for example, the countertop and the wooden table combined with the two stools, create a beautiful set. And the plants give it the natural touch!

Pinterest: Valentina

The luxury of details

Lamps and leather chairs add glamor to a kitchen bathed in natural light.

Pinterest: Ana Jaén

Total white

There are times when a single color impacts more than if there were several contrasts, and this is an example. What a clean feeling!

Pinterest: Patricia Albes


The detail of the refrigerator in pastel green sweetens this kitchen where the golden sconces and the carpet add your dose of glamor.

Pinterest: Cynthia Flores


Simple, bright and minimalist. A Nordic style kitchen with a carpet that breaks the monotony.

Pinterest: on the edge calls

High ceilings

The visual space is multiplied by two thanks to natural lighting, white color and already high ceilings.

Pinterest: Monkera Cabaní


A lamp and a table that create trend, perfect for a chic kitchen!

Pinterest: Isabel Ortega

Art Gallery

When the kitchen becomes an exhibition ... this is the result!

Pinterest: Courtney Burke

Chic Mosaics

If you want a wall that captures all the attention of your kitchen, choose a tile mosaic background like this. Wonderful!

Pinterest: Ana Utrilla


If you are looking for freedom, a spacious kitchen is what you need to move freely.

Pinterest: Lorena Pascual