7 tips for a perfect move

7 tips for a perfect move

Do you change your home? What a dream brand new home! Although possibly also a very stressful stage. Do you want to organize the move well and not lose your nerve during the process? Follow these tips so everything goes great.

Advertising - Continue reading below 1. Previous organization

The change of house brings renewed illusions, new expectations and also, everything must be said, stress. To enjoy the first and not be overcome by the nerves, it is convenient to do a previous exercise of organization (and be clear about what you want to take and what not to the new home). A couple of days before the planned date for the move, get a good number of boxes, bags, clothes covers, etc. You can ask in cardboard stores and in specialized packaging establishments.

2. More space for your stuff

It involves spending some time, which you may not have, but it is advisable to make an effort to help you temporarily detach yourself from certain things. For example, the books and notes of the race, novels that you have already read, the clothes of another season, the ski boots ... Surely they will remain closed in boxes, months and months. For these items that, for the moment you are not going to use, an option is to deposit them in a storage place and take them home when you need them (this is how the Post Office Loft works, a service designed to help you gain space at home, in the one that keeps your things confidential and safe).

3. The most delicate, well protected

Even if you manage to move and are totally convinced that nothing is going to break, it is appropriate that you have bubble wrap of different thickness (the newspaper is not enough) to protect the most delicate pieces such as glassware, crockery, porcelain figurines, etc. Each element must be wrapped individually and well ordered by sizes, in the box you choose. Another important fact, storage experts, such as those of El Desván de Correos, advise that the boxes do not exceed 30 kilos. Or you can not move or place them stacked, without risk of breakage.

4. A good inventory is vital

When all the boxes and bags are closed, do you think you will remember what you have included in them? In the new house, recovering a certain object can be an arduous task, or not, if you have been careful to take inventory. As you will surely have help in moving, it is a good idea for one person to save and another to point to the content. Then, identify each box with the room to which it goes, if it is the first or if you have already done more for that stay, put the number and then, place the list of the content pasted on the top (as a precaution, keep a copy on the laptop or on your mobile).

5. The basics, by your side

The order in which you keep your belongings is a bit the same, but it is important that you prepare a special box with "basics" for each family member. In it you have to include: two complete changes, pajamas, personal hygiene items, toiletries, essential medicines and documents that cannot be lost (family book, house deeds, pet vaccination card, passport, etc. .). This box must be identified with a badge, separated from the rest and carried in hand. Another option for these vital documents is to have a temporary storage service, which you can hire for the time you deem appropriate. A couple of days before the whole trajín you can inform yourself in the Post Office Loft. The hiring is online, they take the boxes home, pick them up, scan them and store them safely. And, at any time, you can receive them again at the address you indicate.

6. Seal, better than close

Packing all the items in a house (the furniture goes the other way) can be up to 70 to 90 boxes. The first, you will perform and manipulate with some care, but as the day goes by and fatigue appears, you will not go with so many views. An error that can cause the occasional mishap. Tip: reinforce the outer bottom of each box with sealing tape, so that it does not open with the weight and close the top with the same tape. Thus, if any box you drop, its contents will not be scattered.

7. Order and organize with discretion

Once in the new house, allow yourself a prudential time to organize and put everything in its place. It is a long task that has to be done with a cool head (in companies they usually grant three working days for the moving process). If you discover that in your new location you need more space for yourself, that there are objects that do not stick with the decoration and that you have plenty of belongings (clothes, the collection of CDs that you will not expose, the toys of the child that you no longer use, the Sleeping bag ...), you can keep them away from home and retrieve them when you really need them. One option to consider is the Post Office Loft, a custody and custody service for what you will not use, with home collection. If at any time you need something you have deposited, they will take you home again or to any other location (on the beach, in the office, in another home ...) that you indicate.