The world's first guitar-shaped hotel opens

The world's first guitar-shaped hotel opens

Hard rock

Here I am, rock you like a hurricane! 🌪️ If listening to the chorus of the mythical theme of the Scorpions makes you want to take the Harley and head towards Route 66, be sure that your religion is rock. And as a good parishioner, you will not want to stay anywhere other than the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino.

After an amazing remodeling, the iconic Hollywood hotel has reopened its doors by opening a outfit at least cane: shaped like a guitar! But if the outside has left you with your mouth open, wait to see the interior, because in addition to having 1,200 rooms, it also has 16 restaurants, and a concert hall with 6,500 seats!

The Outdoor pool with slides, waterfalls and palm trees It is another of the undoubted attractions of this accommodation (as if you were on a paradise island). And to go to the night parties as if you were the member of a group of hair metalMassages and hairdressing services are also offered. Anyone give more?

Hard rock Hard rock Hard rock


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